I’m a mom. That’s my vocation. I’m not perfect at my life’s calling and I struggle daily but God gives me enough happy and proud times to make the struggle worth it.

I want to be a writer so I blog. My blog may be a bit erratic and unfocused at times. As it grows, it will likely change. But sometimes the tree just needs to be pruned or transplanted.

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I link new posts to both accounts. I like/tweet/post blogs and blog posts that inspire me to water and encourage the blossoms of my faith, make me laugh to tickle the belly of my happiness, or make me cry to wash out my emotional aches. If I love it, I share it.

6 comments on “About

  1. Lorre says:

    It’s nice to know another mom who isn’t perfect at their life’s calling and can admit it. It’s a big club, even if others are afraid to join.


  2. Lance says:

    Love lurking, reading, and commenting here. Thanks for being a 100 word player.


  3. Dana says:

    My two are “grown up” and have “moved out” of my house now (mostly, lol) but I’m still an imperfect Mom. Every day. Same channel, same time. 😉


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