Into the Light

She moved to tomorrow because the past was yesterday.

Lynzee’s momma taught her at a young age, the darkness lies behind you. Light was always in front of you. Corley High took more than a pound of flesh from her. Graduation was a bright shining spotlight, her future and Corley the black hole past. She nearly sprinted across the stage to snatch the diploma from Principal Alexander.

She made the decision to permanently kick Corley High to the darkness and as Lynzee walked off the stage and down the aisle, she shed cap, gown, and walked out into the light.



Writing for Thin Sprial Notebook’s 100 Word Challenge. Today’s word is PAST. Click the link and go read some of the other submission.




“Hey Kory! I found this GIANT cornucopia at the antique store and came up with some new ideas for….Thanks….giv…ing…? What’s going on you guys?”

Lena had burst into her foster-sister’s normally unlocked house like she always did. The girls had been bonding over shared responsibilities of planning the big family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner.


Lena and Kory were best friends from the time Lena’s family moved in next door to the Mulder’s when the girls were 1st graders. Their friendship was instantaneous and they were like two sides of a coin –  opposites, but you can’t have one without the other; they were never apart. When they were in the 4th grade, a man, who had a weakness for whiskey drove on the wrong side of the highway. The head-on collision with Lena’s family SUV killed her mom, dad and little brother. They said it was a miracle Lena survived. For years Lena blamed herself because she was buckled into a seat in the third row. She had had an outburst at the mall, shouting at her parents for refusing to buy her an American Girl doll. Wanting to be as far away from them as possible she chose the back seat so she could slouch down  and sulk about how unfair they were.

Kory’s parents said it was the right thing to do, taking her in afterward. There was no other family to take Lena. They said they didn’t even have to think about it they just scooped her up, moved her in, helped her heal and showered her with compassion and love. She never forgot her parents, and never thought that calling Helen and Tom mom and dad was a betrayal. For her it became an honor to be lucky enough to have two moms and two dads. She cherished her new sisters Kory and Kim and she gained Kevin, the big brother she never knew she needed.

Lena and Kory grew, graduated High School, went to college and the year before at 22 Kory married Rod. The house they bought was two blocks away from their parents where Lena still lived while she finished nursing school. Mom and dad told her it would simplify her life and make it easier for her to focus on her studies. So no knock entry was normal for the Mulders.


Muffled grunts, squeals and thumps (was someone giggling?) were followed by her brother-in-law Rod stumbling down the hall with a suspicious look in his eyes. (was that panic?) Lena looked at him confused, leaned her head to look around him and pushed passed him to walked down the hall.

“Who’s back there Rod? Why are you home? Is Kory back there?”

She approached the family room with dubious apprehension, peering from side to side trying to look through the door which was slightly ajar, and the gap on the hinge side. Her eyes were wide with an electric mix of worry bordering on fear and curiosity. Cautiously, she pushed the door open. The crepuscular darkness of the room was shattered as light bathed the room and grinning, smiling, beaming laughing faces materialized before her. Her eyes rapidly twitched around the room and settled on a large, magnificently elaborate sign with her name written in elegant script, Lena Elizabeth Mulder. Wait, her last name is Jackson. Her eyes filled with tears that quickly spilled over.

Her voice strained with emotion, “Mom? Dad?”

Her dad stepped forward and declared with a strong official voice, “Lena Elizabeth Jackson, with integrity, love and devotion we hereby declare our intent to adopt you. It is our hope that from this day forward, you will be called Lena Elizabeth Mulder. Mr. James, Esquire has the necessary paperwork to begin the process. All that is required is your consent and signature. What say you?”

She looked around the room at eyes full of anticipation, compassion, and empathy as they waited for her reply.

Her tears flowed freely as she pulled her hands away from her face and gave a resounding, “YES!”
Day 4 – Writing for 7 Day Personal Challenge. I missed a day so Day 4 is on the 5th day after I began, but resolved to continue. I had a hard time finding inspiration tonight so I posted this request on my Facebook page: Give me a word that has special meaning to you. I need inspiration. I’ll use all that get suggested for today’s writing.

The response was impressive! I received these words from my friends:

Dubious, Weakness, Family, Hope, Honor, Bond(ing), Betrayal, Cornucopia, Compassion, Love, Empathy, Simplify, Integrity, Cherish, Apart, and Corpuscular.

I put each word in bold italics. I also created each character name using letters from the names of the friends who submitted words. Those names are in bold red text. 


A Diary of Intentions

Daisy was ten. Passionate, attentive, loyal and deeply spiritual. Her loves were soccer, friends, her bike, her rosary and her diary.

Soccer and bicycling were the things that connected her to her peers. One was to be perfected; the other transportation. They each kept her childlike and her enthusiasm was evident in her dedication to sharing them with her friends.

Her pink rosary was well used with chain and medals turned golden. Nightly she prayed a litany of intentions which were kept meticulously documented in her diary. After offering her intentions she blessed herself and began, “I believe in God….”


Writing today for Thin Spiral Notebook’s 100 Word Challenge where this week’s word is “Diary”.
I’ve been on a long hiatus (dry spell) and after completing a seven day photo challenge I decided to challenge myself to writing something for seven days in a row. I’m on day three and decided to visit Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook and here 100 Word Challenge which I have participated in often in the past. Feels good to stretch those writing muscles.

Incorrupt, Valiant, Passionate CATHOLIC


I am Catholic.

Unapologetic, born and raised, devout, vigilant, Catholic. I’m ready to defend the faith that was given to me, and to every Catholic, more than two thousand years ago.

I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
Creator of Heaven and earth;

This is the opening salvo of the Catholic Church, and my declaration of faith. Without God and His creation, my day to day life seems pointless. It’s just drudgery that eventually leads to the vast, dark, nothingness of death. There is no hope. There is no reason.

and in Jesus Christ,
His only Son Our Lord,

To be among the original Christians, it is requisite to believe in Jesus and His Sonship to God. For Catholics, who carried the truth given to the Apostles and first Christians, it goes much further, much deeper than simply believing that Jesus is the Son of God.

Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,

I know this and I believe this. I hold Mother Mary in high esteem as the new Ark of the Covenant with God. A pure vessel who carried our beloved Savior in her holy womb. The old testament Ark of the Covenant was made of pure, perfect gold designed by God Himself. I believe He created Mary from the moment of her conception as that unblemished vessel for His Son. He waited for her “Yes” to be the Mother of Jesus and she remained a virgin forever pure.

suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried.
He descended into Hell;

Jesus suffered for me. He suffered for all of us to redeem us from our sins. Jesus Christ, Our God made Man, suffered the depth of the pain and consequence of our sins and in my own suffering, no matter what it is, physical, emotional, psychological I know Jesus suffered His Passion for me. There’s a place for my suffering.

the third day He rose again from the dead;
He ascended into Heaven,
and is seated at the right hand of God, the Father almighty;

God raised His beloved Son as the beacon in my life giving me the hope for Heaven which I have already declared my belief in. Like the sun rising in the East, we have hope for the New Day of Heaven after our Earthly life. Jesus preceded us to show us the way! “..everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life.” (From John 3:16)

from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

So believing in my salvation does not come without a price. I cannot coast along in life solely on my belief in the Heavenly Kingdom Jesus’ death promises. I have a job. Jesus gave us the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy as part of our job description, namely,

1. To feed the hungry: Mt. 25:35
2. To give drink to the thirsty: Mt. 25:35
3. To clothe the naked: Mt. 25:36
4. To visit the imprisoned: Mt. 25:36
5. To shelter the homeless: Mt. 25:35
6. To visit the sick: Mt. 25:36
7. To bury the dead: Mt. 25:40

But, I’m also tasked with striving to practice the Seven Capital Virtues in order to overcome the Seven Deadly Sins.

  1. Humility (overcoming pride)
  2. Generosity (Overcoming greed)
  3. Chastity (Overcoming Lust)
  4. Meekness (Overcoming Anger)
  5. Temperance (Overcoming Gluttony)
  6. Brotherly Love (Overcoming Envy)
  7. Diligence (Overcoming Sloth)

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy Catholic Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body
and life everlasting.

The Holy Spirit enflames me with passion and God’s love. He brings me the knowledge and truth of God’s teachings which have been carried down across time through the doctrines, dogmas, the teaching of the Catholic Church. These doctrines, dogmas and teachings have been preserved unblemished and unchanged from Jesus’ time.

As a Catholic I have the Sacrament of Confession where my sins can be forgiven. After Jesus arose from the dead, He breathed the gift of the Holy Spirit onto his Disciples and said, “If you forgive anyone’s sins, they are forgiven; if you retain anyone’s sins, they are retained.” (John 20:23) I know when I leave Confession, I am free of the sins I’ve confessed, and depart feeling lighter, and freed from the oppression and weight of those sins.

My belief, my faith infuses me with confidence in the truth and in the promise of eternal life in Heaven. if I am a good and faithful servant, and with a little time in purgatory to fully cleanse my soul and prepare me to see the Face of God, I know heaven awaits my arrival. I cannot wait to join the Communion of Saints in Heaven where, I will rejoice in God and continue to pray for friends, family and all on earth and in purgatory. The reward is priceless-one I will ceaselessly strive to achieve.


And I finish where I started. My Amen is my declaration, “Yes Lord! I believe!”


I will stand before you and fight and defend these beliefs and what they mean to me.

I will fight with doctrine. I will fight with dogma. I will fight with two millennium of teaching.

I will fight with the truth.

I stand firm and I stand strongly a Catholic.

Without a Trace

The envelope’s shredded remains littered the counter. Finger tapping lips, she contemplated a plan. Tossing the paper she hobbled on tired, pain-riddled feet, scooped bathroom items into a bag, then crammed clothes, outerwear and shoes into her time and travel worn suitcase. After the travel agent emailed tickets and reservations she called a taxi. She fled – no note.
Escape accomplished, warmly bundled, she stepped outside the hotel into a snowflakes fluttering, snow covered fantasy under the slate gray skies of North Pole Alaska. Gathering the fur trimmed hood under her chin she shuffled away from Februpocolypse into February bliss.



Writing today for Thin Spiral Notebook’s 100 Word Challenge where this week’s word is “Paper”, and another challenge from a friend to write about changing a dismal February into a dream come true.


New Beginnings

The hectic morning was full of firsts. Clara’s new job and Lucy’s new school; both began that day. Lucy gathered her backpack, and Clara grabbed her purse, keys and their jackets and whisked the two of them out the motel room door and headed toward Frank and Ida’s home in the back of the motel’s office.

The night had been draped in a deep fog, leaving the morning sparkling with ice crystals that hung in the air like shards of glass, and the trees were coated in a fur of frost. Walking with quick yet tiny baby steps to avoid slipping on the skim of ice left behind, they rushed through the kitchen door greeted by the smells Ida’s home cooked breakfast.

Pulling the dish towel draped off of her shoulder Ida wiped her hands, and instructed, “Come in! Come in! Lucy there’s a glass of cold milk waitin’ at the table for ya and Clara there’s fresh coffee in the pot.” and turned back to the stove, where a skillet of scrambled eggs cooked. She scraped and turned the eggs and monitored another pan where bacon sizzled and popped.

Lucy dropped her backpack at the door and skipped to the table, sat down and drank deep from the glass, then emerged with a grin and a white line of milk on her top lip. Clara set her bag down alongside Lucy’s and hung their coats on the hooks behind the door. She pulled a heavy McCoy brown stoneware mug off the shelf and poured her coffee, inhaling the deep rich smell of the fresh strong brew. “Thanks Ida. Boy, do I need this today. It’s so cold out there. Did you see all the frost in the trees? It’s just stunning!”

Ida’s face turned and with an approving, warm smile. “I did…oh my! You look so pretty this morning! You look all ready for your first day at the antique store with Mr. Atherton. Frank and I are so proud of you sweetie.” Clara returned the smile, thankful for the blessings Frank and Ida were to her and Lucy. In their short time in Spencer, they had made them feel like family, a belonging she’d never had in her life.

“Thanks Ida. I am ready. I’m really starting to feel like I’m getting things together. It’s the beginning of something better for Lucy and me.
”Can I help you with anything? Set the dishes? Get the food to the table?”

“Yes dear. The plates are on the table just need to be put in place. Here. Take the bacon and set it down since you’re headin’ that way.”

With her head tipped back she hollered, “Frank! Breakfast’s ready!”

Frank wobbled into the kitchen, and each took a place at the table. Ida bowed her head, raised her right hand to her forehead and began “In the name of the Father (paused briefly for the others to catch up) and the Son and the Holy Spirit”, and all followed, blessing themselves.

Then together, “Bless us oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through Christ Our Lord, Amen” and while crossing themselves again, a hasty “FatherSonHolySpirit.”

Dishes of food were passed around with pleasant chatter between the adults and giggles from Lucy when Frank asked her if she’d like some brussels sprouts with her eggs or teased her about boys.

Clara tried to help with dishes and Ida gently scooted her away.

“Honey, put that down. I’ll take care of the dishes. Open that fridge and grab those lunches I made for both you girls.”

“Ida, thank you so much. That’s such a big help.

Lucy, come grab your lunch and put it in your backpack.

We’ve got to get outta here so I have time to drop you off at school and make it to work on time. I’m so excited! Are you excite Button?”

Lucy slid off her chair into a leap, clapped her hands and declared, “Yes! I am very excited Mommy! Let’s go let’s go!”

Beaming at her daughter she leaned in to Ida and muttered with a little laugh, “I guess she’s ready.”

Bags packed, and coats donned, Lucy bounced first to Ida and pecked her cheek, then to Frank, jumped into his arms, and snuggled into a hug, then ran back to the door with her mother and waved, “Bye Ida, bye Frank.”

Clara waved as she closed the door. They walked to the front of the building where the car was parked. With her head down listening intently to Lucy, she turned the corner and nearly collided with Shane.

Lucy slid around to hide behind Clara ”Mommy?”

He didn’t expect this abrupt encounter and stammered,  “Clara….I….I….”

“Shane, I don’t have time for this. I’ve got things to do.” She skirted around him with an arm behind her guiding her daughter along. “Lucy, get in the car.” Without taking her eyes off of him, she moved around to the drivers side, got in. After starting the car she quickly backed out, then drove away.

With a broad smile, and a brightness in her voice that covered her anxiety and fear she said, “Let’s get you to school Luce.”

As soon as Lucy was out of the car, she grabbed her cell and called The Lakeshore to warn Frank and Ida that Shane was in town. Frank assured her he had not come inside and  checked outside and told Clara he was gone.

She arrived at Bygone Antiques still rattled by Shane’s appearance. She jangled through the noisy front door, and when Nigel looked up he observed her wide-eyed, unnerved demeanor and quickly glided to the door to assist her.

“My dear, are you quite all right? You look rather unnerved.”

“I’ll be fine Mr. Atherton. Just saw someone I didn’t expect to see.”

“Do you need to sit down with a cup of tea?”

With a wan smile, she assured, “I think I just need to get to work.”

He ushered her into the back where a bank of antique school gym lockers served as a place to store her belongings and hang her coat.

“If I can store my lunch in your fridge, I’m ready to get started.”




Last time with ”Faith from Ruin” ~ Icy Persistence

Todays installment of “Faith from Ruin” is inspired by the photo prompt in The Darkroom at Our Write Side.


A Peculiar Change

Her days wore on. There was sameness, listlessness, and sadness. Each night was exhaled with dark resignation to the sameness and desperation for change.

Mornings began with a soft tune, no jangling BEEPING alarm because sameness and desperation needed gentle beginnings. Rising was a rough shove into the monotony. Coffee, however, warmed and melted edges into soft curves; when eyes are wide open, something unimaginable could be around the corner.

She peeped through her slat covered window, a spectator as a flock of prairie chickens ran and slid down the neighbors snowy hill. A peculiar sight. Scenery unexpectedly changed.

Prairie Chickens-edit


#IamWriting! Thin Spiral Notebook is the new host for 100 Word Challenge and this week and this prompt is her first prompt. The word this week is “Peculiar”. After an extended hibernation,  I convinced my muse to take a peek and she was wonderfully intrigued!

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