Pages to Pink

She twisted the knob to water flowing ice cold, then gently transforming into steamy mist. Tested and adjusted, curtain drawn to harness the cloudy heat, a toe dipped, a sharp breath and quickly withdrawn. Determined, she slowly submerged one, then two feet and lowered, all in, shoulder deep to soak. Body immersed into silky bubbles; mind absorbed in paragraphs and chapters.

Pearls of sweat rolling slowly down her face, and neck are ignored while she’s living another life within the book’s pages. Sleepy eyes droop, book drops to the floor. She emerges pink, and glistening to wrap into thick cotton.

100 Word Challenge this week is “Pink”. Pink for many is flowers and Spring, but in my world we are buried in a deep freeze of single digit temps with snow stacking. It doesn’t seem to have an end and my escape comes nightly in a hot tub with a good book where I’m the one who’s pink. “Click” on the image below to read some of the other submission to this weeks challenge.


Hand of God

I swear I see copper winking at me from inside the Ruger’s barrel. He attacked me while I was jogging in the park. Earbuds in and a head full of tunes, and I didn’t hear him. He materialized in front of me with the gun pointed at me eye level.

“What the hell?”

A grin stretches his face. He chuckles then begins laughing.

I throw earbuds, phone, watch and yell,

“What do you want?”

He wipes at the tears from his maniacal laughter and pulls the trigger.



Laughter stops. He runs.

Looking down.

I’m ok.

No bullets.


This week’s word for The 100 Word Challenge at Thin Spiral Notebook is “Blank”. I’m linking up HERE where you can read the prompt and other submissions.

100 Words – Hand of God


My Dear Family,

Thank you for letting me go to NYC for band, for trusting me, for believing in me. I know this letter seems like I’ve broken those gifts, but I’m happier than imaginable. I’m not disappearing but following the dreams you know are important to me. I may be just sixteen but this chance to be the lead in a Broadway production is something I can’t pass up. As soon as I have all the details I’ll write again so you can come see your daughter and sister become a star!

I love you all so much!


This week’s 100 Word Challenge from Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook is to imagine a “Dear…” letter that the writer with hindsight would never want to be received.

I’m channeling an old prompt that used song to inspire and offer you A Letter to Elise by The Cure. Enjoy!


She gathered and spun, stacked and burrowed into the nest she created. A sanctuary, secluded and silent where she could fall into another life, another world, another time.

The chosen book is opened halfway reverently. The crease brought to her nose as she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply the warm vanilla scent of old printed paper. She closed the book as she lowered the book to her lap, anticipating the adventure ahead.

Reaching out with her foot she closed the door. Nestling in, opening the cover and paging to Chapter One, she began…”First the colours. Then the humans.”

Written for Thin Spiral Notebook’s 100 Word Challenge. Word of the week “Nest”



Today I’m joining National Blog Posting Month, NaBloPoMo. The inspiration for this came from another silly sounding acronym event, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month where aspiring novelists attempt to write 50,000 words in a month. NaBloPoMo is far less daunting. It merely gives a blogger the goal of posting daily for a month. I’ve been off in my writing for some time. Peeking in here and there when I find something that inspires me, often a blogging friend Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook. She hosts a weekly 100 word blog prompt and recently I’ve been getting more and more inspiration there. Tara has committed to NaBloPoMo and is hosting a blog roll for anyone who wants to join.

I’m throwing my hat in even though I’m four days late getting started. I’m not going to obsess over the fact I’ve missed days 1-3 and will start today, with this post as the beginning.

I’m asking my friends to poke me prod me and inspire me. Give me quotes, photos, words and I’ll see what sparks. I’ll be writing along with Tara’s 100 Word Challenge weekly as well so I’ve got a 4 posts guaranteed.

See you tomorrow!


Fear – Not Fun

Don’t let anyone tell you teaching teens to drive is fun. If someone does, and you actually have a 15 year old with a greedy gleeful facial expression, you know the one; it says I’m waiting to snatch the keys from your fearful grip; yeah. Those Sally Sunshine’s are liars.

Today, she gave me that look and said, “I really need to drive more. My birthday is in less than a week and I need the practice.”

Of course she’s right, but it didn’t keep me from internally hanging my head and cringing in fear.

This is DEFINITELY not fun.

I’m back in the saddle again, writing with the #100WordChallenge at Thin Spiral Notebook. This time the word is “Fun”. CLICK on the 100 Word Challenge Icon and head over to read more of the submissions.

Broken Sky

The world drained it’s summer brilliance to the silent, dull grey of threatening skies. The joy of fantastically colored lilies, and daisies washed into dirty depressing hues.

Blinding flashes galloped across the sky and a rumble began from west to east. The sparks grew into blazing bolts; the time between ruptured explosions fell to moments as the heavens opened and a deluge washed the parched land. Frozen pellets drifted and changed summer to a discombobulated confusion of seasons.

Drops diminish, and the grey breaks into bright blue windows laced with rays of white gold. Dull swept aside, the luster returns.

This week Tara at 100 Word Challenge assigned the word COLOR. Last night we had one of those rock ‘n roll thunderstorms where the only prairie storms we missed were tornado and blizzard. The process of to and fro color changing has always been fascinating to me, so writing about it was kind of fun!

As always, click on the 100 Word Challenge image and read some of the other submissions.

100 Word Challenge: COLOR