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The door was closed to Ray’s office.  Henry, seated in the leather sofa matched the sunken, saggy, sad form. They discussed Cliff Lewis’ interview and it was tense and disheartening. Those bits of information put a clear-cut suspect in their radar.

Heavyhearted, Henry pondered, “Can you remember the moment? God, he was barely out of the Academy. Devastated. Dealt a big plate of crap. Didn’t think he’d get over it.”

Outraged, Ray responded bitterly.

“Did you forget that time? He laid Schweitzer out? Devastated is no excuse, and he got over it way to fast.”

“I know. He’s my partner.”


IMG_0382In my “busy-ness” I didn’t write last week. LeeRoy’s song choice for 100 Word Song this week has my brain racing with the potential. Lance made a great choice letting his robot alter-ego do the choosing. Indie Rock Band Free Energy’s song “Free Energy” is really. good.

I’m back with Vivid Black and there’s a lot of stress with Ray and Henry as they got a devastating lead from Cliff Lewis.

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Without a doubt, Cliff Lewis was a tweeker. He constantly scratched and dug. It made Henry and Ray, crawly skinned, prickly and itchy. Lewis had an old injury and couldn’t stab with brutal cruelty like The Zombie Reaper.

Cliff tore at himself, and shared details they didn’t have. He did touch the victims, and saw and heard the killer from behind. Black leather jacket. Black boots and bloused pants.

“Um, he muttered. Cussed. Kept sayin’ stuff like ‘Why him?’ and…well, can I cuss?” Is it misbehavin’ if I cuss?”

Jaw clenching, Ray glared.

“Well, uh he kept droppin’ f-bombs.”


IMG_0383.jpgToday’s installment of Vivid Black is brought to you by the word “misbehavin'” as prompted by Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word prompt. It’s a blog hop so click the picture over there on the left to go check out some of the other entries.

Of course, if you are going to bring up the word “misbehavin'” the song “Ain’t Misbehavin'” comes straight to mind, so enjoy a little Billie Holiday singing like only Billie could.

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Whittling Clues

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With a stack of papers tucked in a folder, Henry escaped Max’s apartment frustrated and angry. Max acted clueless, stupid but Henry knew better. It drove him crazy, but he had what he needed.
Another spray of paper covered the work table. This time Henry and Ray poured over Zombie Challenge lists and looked for anyone who competed in all of them. They found 27 names.

“Well this was a brilliant mistake. Damn. That’s a lot of legwork boss.”

Ray smirked, “Let’s toss it to the tech nerds. They can whittle it down,” glanced sideways, “Then we’ll get some exercise.”


LeeRoy and Lance picked Linda at Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom to choose this weeks song and she chose “Brilliant Mistake” by Elvis Costello.  I wrote another installment of  Vivid Black using the song title as inspiration.

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Ray looked up and spun his hand, indicating Henry should come in. Henry swept up the paperwork and crossed the squadroom. When he entered the office he thrust the papers onto the desk, jabbed the results and firmly asserted,

“He works in mining. Mine equipment repair. See? Coal and lube. I’ll get Max to give me the names of the Gauntlet players. If he wants to give me crap, I’ll get a warrant. I won’t back down.”

A shadowed smile and a nod changed him. Ray wore a look of steely determination.

“Get it done Henry. Find this guy. Now.”


This weeks 100 Word Song for Lance and LeeRoy was chosen by yours truly. Selfishly, to move the story along, I chose Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” and we go back to Vivid Black.

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Coming Down

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Ray left Leta to primp for the New Years Eve Party at St. Stevens. His wife’s rolls were a fought for item at the Silent Dessert Auction. He carefully wrapped the gooey rolls, washed his sticky fingers and gulped the last of his coffee to wash down the coveted treat.

He reached for his jacket and his work cell rang, dancing across the table. Aggravated, he grabbed it, flipped it open and snapped “What is it?”

Henry’s unsure voice answered “Ray, there’s another.”

Ray looked out the window at the snow cover hills and a landslide of emotions came down.


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My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

The song robot LeeRoy and Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog chose one of my all time favorite songs for this weeks 100 Word Song. Landslide was written by Stevie Nicks and originally performed by Fleetwood Mac, so it’s in my song catalog. I found this cover of the song by Bush. The song is famous for Stevie’s rasp but Gavin Rossdale does it beautiful and, well, I love Gavin Rossdale. 😀

I Will Wait

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Two weeks sped ahead senselessly yet somehow dragged out painfully.  Ray was back in Investigations and there were no leads in the Zombie Murders and Sarah Jane’s death felt more senseless. He had to seek separation from his personal connection and allow his team to work the case. He knew he had to use his head alongside his heart. His pain motivated him to keep pushing the detectives.

Henry knocked on the jam and entered nervously.

          “Hey boss. I’m so sorry. We’re stuck.”

“Henry, for now, I know my ground and I will wait for you, the team. We’ll win.”


This week Lance and his robot friend LeeRoy had Kelly aka @nkdgirlinadress pick the song for the 100 Word Song. She chose Mumford and Son’s “I Will Wait”. Love the band and this song is amazing with so much to work with. Lifted several bits of lyric and wove it into my 100 words and Vivid Black gets another chapter.

Mumford & Sons–I Will Wait

Come Around

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His remarks struck a momentary silence. Quickly mutters and low chatter buzzed through the crowd while the council nervously whispered behind hands as the pitch rose.

Above the mounting rumble, voices called, “Fight with you!” “You’re the crazy one Ray!” and more.

Dejected, Ray appealed to the Mayor with a silent look. Ben waved him to the bench.

“It’s one of a million pieces Ray. When you’re gone, we’ll come around.”

“I don’t know Ben. I don’t know.”

He turned, completing the circle and slowly walked out amid confused support and condemnation, silently praying common sense would overcome the absurdity.


This post that happens immediately follow Ray’s confrontation with the city and council and the inspiration came from LeeRoy’s 100 Word Song. Lance let his sweet daughter choose the song and she chose “Come Around” by Counting Crows. Great choice too.