Without a Trace

The envelope’s shredded remains littered the counter. Finger tapping lips, she contemplated a plan. Tossing the paper she hobbled on tired, pain-riddled feet, scooped bathroom items into a bag, then crammed clothes, outerwear and shoes into her time and travel worn suitcase. After the travel agent emailed tickets and reservations she called a taxi. She fled – no note.
Escape accomplished, warmly bundled, she stepped outside the hotel into a snowflakes fluttering, snow covered fantasy under the slate gray skies of North Pole Alaska. Gathering the fur trimmed hood under her chin she shuffled away from Februpocolypse into February bliss.



Writing today for Thin Spiral Notebook’s 100 Word Challenge where this week’s word is “Paper”, and another challenge from a friend to write about changing a dismal February into a dream come true.



I am reblogging this post from Mother’s Day 2012 in honor of Mary. She was the mom of one of my High School friends who passed away last week. She was one of my “Other Mothers”. You know the type who will happily step in and tell you “Yes” and “No” when you need it?

My love and prayers are extended to her kids, Billie-my fellow Class of ’78 graduate who I still call friend, Dawn, Julie and Pat. May God give you peace and bring comfort and love.

Day In and Day Out

Mother earned the love drawn in the twinkle of her eyes and carved in the curve of her happiness. Her cherished brood is enveloped in a reverently woven mantle, fiercely protected and treasured.


I’m linking up with Trifecta for Trifextra: Week Sixteen. The challenge goes like this:

This weekend’s Trifextra is the first of its kind.  This weekend we only need 32 words from you, because we’re giving you the 33rd.  Your challenge is to write anything you want, in whichever form you please, so long as your response is exactly 33 words and includes the word “mother.”

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Love Gone Wrong

Blissfully she swam their enchanted stream of passion.
He came hurling stone words, creating raging fatal rapids.
Rocks slung, bruised her soul, tattered her trust.
Left bleeding hope,
cleansing rivulets would never restore.


The inspiration for this piece comes from Trifextra Week 102. Of course, we have to have music, so I’m giving you One Republic “All Fall Down”

Trifecta’s rules: This week we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words about love gone wrong.  But we’re asking that you not use any of the following words:

Trifextra: Week 102

Trifextra: Week 102

I Can Change

I can change,

but I won’t change who I am. I have behaviors, attitudes, actions, that hinder and alter the way I can, and should interact within my own life as well as with friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers.

I can change,

judging into loving.
fear into confidence.
anger into calmness.
melancholy into happiness.
cynicism into teaching.
weariness into fitness.

These can change me, so I can see an image of a proud and confident woman in the mirror, and project that same pride and confidence to all who are around me.

These are words. Words just lie on a page (or a computer screen), inanimate, inactive. Written and not lived and acted upon, they become a bittersweet symphony. I need to pick up these words and roll them around in my soul, wrap them around my heart and begin living them, because

I can change.


Week 99 at Trifecta has this prompt: We’re asking for your own resolutions in just three words.  Make it count.

May Angels Lead You In

Reblogging this post to link up with Catholic Sistas for National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. My niece and her husband lost their 7 month old son to accidental drowning in December 2012. By extension my big local family suffered this loss as well. In the days after Marcus died, I wrote this piece to memorialize my sweet great nephew.

Day In and Day Out

Two weeks ago I began a journey of remember how important it is to appreciate those I love. 20 children were taken from their families in Newtown, Connecticut. Stealing the shared memories and love from the families and friends. I found myself knowing how necessary it is to love and appreciating my kids. To tell them and show them as often as possible.

Sunday, I was pulled soundly to the front and center of the road when a blow fell far closer to home. One of the metaphors for a loved one is to compare them to a bright shining light. When we lose a family member or friend we talk of the light flickering out or ceasing to shine. A very dark veil descended over my family last night when we received frantic, tragic phone calls inciting hurried trips to the hospital where our beautiful boy, my seven month…

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Questioning Cattle Deaths in South Dakota

I grew up visiting my grandparents large cattle ranch in Wyoming. I can only imagine what kind of impact a blizzard like the one the hit Western SD last week would have had on their livelihood. If you have questions and question why there was so much livestock lost, read this blog post. All of it. She answers all the hot button questions with good answers. My heart and prayers go out to all of the ranchers who experienced losses.

Pretty Work

I’ve been reading through blog posts about the aftermath of last weeks winter storm in South Dakota.  I came across a couple of news articles on CNN and NBC News sites.  And then I did something I never, ever should have done.  I scrolled down to the comments section.  Word of advice: Do Not Scroll Down to the Comments Section.  Ever.

It’s not a nice place.  People are very nasty there.  It made me sad and mad and dumbfounded.  There were so many accusations  comments from so many people who very clearly of little to no understanding of ranching or livestock.  But boy oh boy, do they have opinions!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am not here to try to change anyone’s mind, this is after all, a free country.  All I’m asking is that you try to base your opinions on facts and not assumptions…

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Sympathy for the Devil?

He clawed wads of hair, yanking her head back, his face suffocatingly close. Smiling through clenched teeth, fetid breathing reeked of life decayed. Spittle spraying he hissed,

“My name? Just call me Lucifer.”


Trifecta’s weekend challenge Trifextra asks for 33 words inspired by the classic song  “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones.  The continued thread of introduction made me envision what it would be like if the devil decided to introduce himself. I didn’t imagine it would be a pleasant experience.


Trifextra: week eighty-nine