Leave it Behind

Lucy carefully stabbed pancake bites, and swirled each in strawberry topping as she chewed the previous forkful. She ate with such pleasure, Clara could almost taste the strawberries and cream.

Fatigue finally caught up and her mind wandered. She’d been losing sleep dreaming about the things that could have been. She’d prayed so hard, but it was useless. She was ready to take her past, burn it then throw it in the river. She had to leave it behind and start over. Determination replaced anger and regret.

Hot bacon and eggs waited. She smiled, worry erased, and hungrily began eating.


IMG_0382_thumb.pngLance and LeeRoy called on me to pick this weeks song for 100 Word Song. I am currently obsessed with Counting Stars and One Republic. Can not get the song out of my head and it was a great fit for this installment of Clara and Lucy’s story.

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His face smoothed as the tension melted away. On the other end, Janice continued to rant.

“That damn intern is gone. This is the absolute last straw.”

Henry, restraint forgotten  proclaimed “Jonesie, I could just kiss you.”

morgue table

She leaned against a draped exam table and its cold both shocked and soothed her. Wild gestures punctuated her frustration as she clutched the handful of paperwork. The other hand tightly clamped the phone painfully to her ear.

“Lord give me strength. The incompetence is inexcusable. I’ve been caged up for so long and I need a break. What do you say Henry?”


This week’s music selection for Lance’s 100 Word song is “Strength” from 80s Welsh band, The Alarm. We are back with Henry and Dr. Janice Jones as they resolve the missing paperwork.


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The chief’s Tahoe rolled in amid dozens of oozing, dripping, bleeding “zombies”. Henry watched, latex gloved and grim as the door swung open. Ray stalked over; his endless nightmare ride continued.


“Henry, you and McEwin caught this case and you’re not doing a damn thing. You two gotta stop screwing around and get to work. I want this to be finished!”

“Ray, you need to back off. My last shield said ‘Detroit Homicide’ and I don’t need you to accuse me of not doing my job. So, are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? I have. Twenty years worth.”


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Lance and LeeRoy are celebrating what would have been Jimi Hendrix 70th birthday. They chose “Are You Experienced” as the 100 Word Song this week. While I’m not a fan, I did find inspiration in the lyrics and give you another installment of Vivid Black.

Coming Down

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Ray left Leta to primp for the New Years Eve Party at St. Stevens. His wife’s rolls were a fought for item at the Silent Dessert Auction. He carefully wrapped the gooey rolls, washed his sticky fingers and gulped the last of his coffee to wash down the coveted treat.

He reached for his jacket and his work cell rang, dancing across the table. Aggravated, he grabbed it, flipped it open and snapped “What is it?”

Henry’s unsure voice answered “Ray, there’s another.”

Ray looked out the window at the snow cover hills and a landslide of emotions came down.


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My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

The song robot LeeRoy and Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog chose one of my all time favorite songs for this weeks 100 Word Song. Landslide was written by Stevie Nicks and originally performed by Fleetwood Mac, so it’s in my song catalog. I found this cover of the song by Bush. The song is famous for Stevie’s rasp but Gavin Rossdale does it beautiful and, well, I love Gavin Rossdale. 😀