Facebook Friends List 101

If you want to see all of the friends you want to see on Facebook all of the time try creating a Friends List.

Follow these instructions with pictures.

In the left column scroll down to the “Friends” section.
Hover next to the name until you see “More
CLICK the +Create List button
Name your List. Then you have the option to add friends from here but it’s easier to add them in the next step. For now, CLICK the blue Create button to finish creating your new list.

Friends List Instructions-1You now have a new list, but it’s empty so let’s add some friends.

CLICK Manage List
CLICK Edit List
CLICK On this List button and
CLICK Friends

This opens a new window with thumbnails of all of your friends.
CLICK (check mark) each person you want in this list
CLICK Finish when you are done

CLICK Manage List Button again

CLICK Chose Update Types from drop down

Decide what you want to see in the feed of your new list. You can leave all the options checked and you will see not only status updates, but photo uploads, game play, pages your friends comment on and like, etc. I chose to only have Status Updates and Photos.

Friends List Instructions-2
To make your new list easier to find, move it up into your Favorites where it will always be visible.
Go to the “Friends” Page again (see the first image)
CLICK the little Pencil next to your new list
A box opens, CLICK the option to Add to Favorites

New lists added to Favorites are always added at the bottom of the list. To rearrange your list

Hover next to your list name and CLICK the pencil
CLICK Rearrange then drag the items up and down the list until you are satisfied with the order, then scroll to the bottom and click DONE.

Friends List Instructions-3

CLICK the +Create List button