More Revelation-Nuthin’

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Henry’s insides fluttered and lurched. He worked hard to keep euphoria, relief and shock from unwinding.

“Ozzy, he’s not making a joke is he? Come on Cliff.”

He stepped forward, snapped cuffs from belt onto wrists, reciting rights from his well used memory. He handed Lewis off to a sullen glaring Osborn who steered him outside and into the backseat of the car while Henry settled into the driver seat.

Cliff, broke his shocked silence and whimpered, “I didn’t do nuthin’. I found ’em like that.”

Osborn, folded back inside the car turned,

“So, you’re waiving your right to counsel?”


Linking up with My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog where Kath did the song picking this week. She chose a great song, “Galileo” by the Indigo Girls. I peeled out a few lyrics for inspiration for more Vivid Black.

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Shocked Response

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A head, bearing an egg yolk looking hard hat entered reception.

“You need me?” and he hesitantly slipped through the door.

Henry walked toward the coal and oil smudged figure.

“Cliff Lewis? I’m Detective Henry Waters. This is Deputy Osborn. I’ve got some questions about the Zombie Gauntlet.”

Shocked wide eyes shifted to a stain on the concrete. Rattled, his hands began to shake so he thrust them deep into pockets.

“Wh-wh…what do you want to know?”

Henry, bone-tired, decided to use an ‘all in’ approached.

“Why did you touch their faces?”

“Huh? Well….. I didn’t know if they were dead.”


Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge provided the word “Shake” for inspiration for some creative writing. I decided to go back to Vivid Black and write another 100 words and keep the story moving.

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Origami and Snakes

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Multiple witnesses cast blame away from the other two suspects. Henry and and Deputy Osborn traveled south of town to Castle Mine Services and Cliff Lewis whose criminal record proved snakes find grass in the concrete, and hide in plain sight.

Osborn, folded into the Impala like origami, climbed out and unfolded his 6’2″ frame. Henry smirked at his dilemma,

“Need a hoist?”

The cramped deputy stood up and flipped him the bird.

Scoria crunched underfoot, remnants of traction from the snowstorm, as they headed inside. Attention caught, Henry two knocked the counter,

“Need to talk to Cliff Lewis.”




100 Word Song-Car Jamming / The Clash

Writing for Lance and LeeRoy at 100 Word Song. This week Troy was tagged to pick the song and he chose Car Jamming by the Clash. Worked with the lyrics and chose a line to build this newest edition of Vivid Black.

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